FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions we’re anticipating or that have already come up. We’ll keep adding any recurring inquiries. If you still can’t find the answer to your questions, drop us a line at events@sandbox.is.

Will this Summit be family-friendly?

After careful consideration, the 2024 Summit will be limited to adults only.

Is the Summit Steering Committee getting paid?

No. Should any profit be made from the Summit (we focused on making it more affordable), it will all be donated to the Sandbox Treasury and the Sandbox Summit Fund. The Summit Steering Committee decided not to accept any financial compensation for their work this year.

Are the Summit ticket prices designed to make the Summit profitable?

We designed the experience and ticket prices trying to make the Summit as affordable as possible, while not removing from the experience and extending it for a day. Depending on sales, there might be a profit in which case all of it would be donated to the Sandbox Treasury and Sandbox Summit Fund in the hope that it will make future Summits even more accessible.

How many tickets are there in total?

We will be offering ~210 spots at the summit. There is a good chance we may be able to offer a few more Hut tickets later this year.

Can guests buy member tickets?

No. Every year, guest tickets are limited, and they must be approved before buying a ticket. All tickets will be manually cross-checked. If a guest buys a ticket before having been approved, they will be refunded and will not be allowed to join the Summit. More information is on the Guest page.

Are guests going to pay more?

No, they will pay regular prices. However, they will not have access to early bird prices. More information is on the Guest page.

I cannot come to the Summit. Can I get my ticket reimbursed?

No. Tickets cannot be reimbursed, but you can resell them to another member. It’s your responsibility to find someone to sell your ticket to. Member tickets cannot be sold to guests. It’s a must to notify the Summit Steering Committee at events@sandbox.is about any resells or exchanges (in order to adjust any personal details); otherwise, you will not be able to enter the venue.

Can guests help co-create the Summit experience?

Absolutely! We want our guests to feel as much a part of the experience as everybody else. Please sign up to volunteer during the Summit!

Do I have a greater chance of being selected as a guest if my partner is a Sandboxer and attending the Summit?

No, unfortunately not. While it’s great that you’re dating a Sandboxer, we want to ensure guests really want to experience the Summit for their own personal benefit and are willing to contribute rather than merely being a +1.

I’ve applied to be a guest. When will I hear back from you?

That’s great! We endeavour to get back to you shortly after the deadline.

What will the Summit Grant cover?

A Summit Grant will get you a 90% discount off your Summit ticket, which includes transport to the venue, accommodation in 4-person glamping tents, a shared bathroom, and all meals. This ticket has a full-rate cost of $400.

The additional Summit Travel Grant also partially subsidises your flights. The amount will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

When will I know if my Summit Grant application succeeds?

We will give you an answer a few weeks after the deadline has passed. It depends on how many tickets we sell and on donations. If you apply but don’t get a grant, we’ll enable you access to Early Bird glamping tickets.

What happens if my Summit Grant application is successful?

Selected members will receive a voucher in their name giving them a 90% discount on the 4-person glamping tents. They will then have 2 weeks from the date of the voucher to purchase a ticket (i.e. the remaining 10% commitment fee). We set this deadline in order for us to pass on the Summit Grant in case someone withdraws from their commitment to attend. There will not be a need to show proof of flights.

I am not a Sandbox member. Can I apply for a Summit Grant?

No. Given limited funds, Summit Grants are only available for Sandbox members at this time.

If I don’t get a Summit Grant, can I get a cheaper ticket?

Yes. Applicants who are not selected for a Summit Grant will have the chance to buy an Early Bird glamping ticket instead. Financial assistance is allocated first to individuals with the greatest need and based on the priorities outlined on the Summit Grant page. We will let you know how to proceed after the application review process is over.

I have already bought my Summit ticket. Can I still apply for a Summit Grant?

No. Tickets cannot be reimbursed. Bear in mind that if you apply for a Summit Grant and don’t get selected, you will still have the chance to buy an Early Bird glamping ticket.

Where will the Summit Grant funding come from?

We have several sources: 1. We are including a default donation of $50 on the ticket sale (members will be free to opt out). 2. We are giving members the chance to be a patron and donate extra money which will cover the summit fee of another member. 3. We have allocated a small additional budget to fund a few Summit Grants.

Through what other ways can I finance my ticket + trip to Vietnam?

We encourage those in financial hardship to help us seek sponsorship or explore creative means of securing funding for your ticket + travel, e.g. 1. crowdfunding - a few years ago, the Léman hub fundraised 700€ through a ski retreat to donate to a member of an emerging country; 2. finding local sponsors; 3. Ask your employer or university: consider pitching the Sandbox Summit as a personal development event, networking, or something more specific to your work goals or career development. In the past, many Sandbox members have attended a Summit totally financed by their employers. In addition to all of the magic a Summit brings, it is also fairly easy to justify professional value, given the quality of the attendees. We are happy to write you a letter of invitation if that helps.

I know an individual or organisation that is keen on sponsoring members!

Excellent, please put us in touch!

Who decides who will get the Summit Grants, and under which criteria?

The “Summit Grants” Team is a 3-person team. Diversity of thought and origin is important to us, and we ideally want all the hubs to be represented - particularly those from the Global South. We're trying to make the Summits as accessible as we can to members worldwide. We will also take into consideration if you have been to a previous Summit and how active you’ve been in the past (or if you’re new, what your future outlook in terms of community contribution is).

I would like to do a workshop - what should I do?

If you are interested in organising a workshop, you can let us know when purchasing your ticket, or later in the year when filling in the participants’ survey.

I would like to volunteer and help co-create the Summit - what should I do?

We love a volunteer. We promise there won’t be a lot of work. But we still couldn’t do it without you! Sign up here.