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Thanks for your interest in joining us at the Sandbox Global Summit in Vietnam from 25 Feb to 1 Mar 2024! Apply now!

Join young leaders from across the world for 6 days of inspiring talks, practical workshops, and dance on a private beach resort in Vietnam with a curated community.

Sandbox is a global community that works across sectors, borders, and cultures and aims to help its members strive for their best potential. Our vision is to build a global community of exceptional, passionate pioneers who inspire and empower each other to create a better world. At our Global Summit in Vietnam, you can expect a mobile society of trailblazers gathering.

Before applying as a guest


About Sandbox

We are an eclectic community of nomads, entrepreneurs, journalists, academics, politicians, artists, and indomitable misfits from over 100 countries.

We are a digitally connected, democratic co-creating community among the next generation of leaders while leveraging our collective resources to meet the greatest challenges of our generation. Our values of openness, authenticity, playfulness, audacity, and trust characterise every interaction in the community.

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About the Summit

The Sandbox Global Summit is the flagship event of the Sandbox community to gather and connect in person, on a global scale. Originally a 5-day experience, this year changed to 6, the Summit is a space for attendees to co-create an unforgettable time. It is a collaborative effort with workshops ranging from personal and professional development to wellness and creativity, creating local and global impact initiatives, performances and dancing, dining experiences, games, and other activities.

Previous workshops ranged from poetry writing, storytelling, sacred shadow theatre, anger management, breathwork, and creative movement, to climate change initiatives, problem-solving, money management, and crypto – all hosted by attendees.



The Sandbox Summit in Mexico was just incredible - it’s difficult to put into words what I felt as a guest, coming into a community and allowing myself to feel vulnerable with 249 strangers over 4 days. The truth is… it came naturally, and I realised that you will only feel as vulnerable as you allow yourself to - so you make your own experience. I really found a community where people are open to helping and connecting with each other. Everyone is so warm and friendly, hugs lovers and cuddle puddle champions. I left the summit thinking that I wanted to be with these people all the time - so contagious, inspiring, and motivating! I have learned so much about myself and others. It was a life-changing experience!! I can’t wait for the next one!

Leo, 2022 Mexico Summit guest

I came to the summit in Mexico as a guest, a friend of Sandbox. From the very preparation stage of the summit, I decided to be involved and fully experience the power of this gathering. The openness, creativity, and diversity of the Sandbox community were astonishing. I felt welcomed to share and shine and co-create the magic. There were so many unique, heartwarming, and enriching moments: a crazily beautiful talent show, different out-of-the-box experiences offered by others, my own workshop on sexuality, and the mind-blowing fiery party night: all that in a place lovely embedded in the heart of Mexican nature. The Sandbox Summit could be a dream but luckily it was the reality empowering and never forgettable: I found friends, loved fully, and was my true deep self.

Kat, 2022 Mexico Summit guest

Exhilarating is the word that comes to mind when I think of the Summit. From the world-class speakers to the deepening of old friendships and the novelty of new ones, every minute was packed with depth and laughter. The impact of this event reverberated for months jolting my joy and creativity to new heights!

Vika, 2022 Mexico Summit guest

How To Apply

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Guest tickets are limited. To maintain the quality of participants we are looking at guest applications on a case-by-case basis.

Summit Guests FAQ

Can guests buy member tickets?

No. Every year, guest tickets are limited, and they must be approved before buying a ticket. All tickets will be manually cross-checked. If a guest buys a ticket before having been approved, they will be refunded and will not be allowed to join the Summit. More information is on the Guest page.

Are guests going to pay more?

No, they will pay regular prices. However, they will not have access to early bird prices. More information is on the Tickets page.

I cannot come to the Summit. Can I get my ticket reimbursed?

No. Tickets cannot be reimbursed, but you can resell them to another member. It’s your responsibility to find someone to sell your ticket to. Member tickets cannot be sold to guests. It’s a must to notify the Summit Steering Committee at about any resells or exchanges (in order to adjust any personal details); otherwise, you will not be able to enter the venue.

Can guests help co-create the Summit experience?

Absolutely! We want our guests to feel as much a part of the experience as everybody else. Please sign up to volunteer during the Summit!

Do I have a greater chance of being selected as a guest if my partner is a Sandboxer and attending the Summit?

No, unfortunately not. While it’s great that you’re dating a Sandboxer, we want to ensure guests really want to experience the Summit for their own personal benefit and are willing to contribute rather than merely being a +1.

I’ve applied to be a guest. When will I hear back from you?

That’s great! We endeavour to get back to you within a month of your application.