For this Summit, we did our very best to offer options that were as affordable as possible without taking away from the experience. No one will have to share a room with more than 3 people. We also wanted to ensure there was something for everyone. This is the first time the Summit is 6 days, 5 nights, to increase our bonding levels even further.

When will tickets go live?

Ticket sales opened on Saturday, 20 May, at 14h00 SING, 08h00 CET, 02h00 ET, 01h00 MEX, 23h00 PDT (Friday, 19th) when we shared a code to access the platform.

We added the launch time to the Sandbox calendar which you can add here. We shared the code exclusively in the Summit WhatsApp group and mailing list. If you missed it, please subscribe to our Summit newsletter here. And join our WhatsApp announcement channel here.

What does my base ticket cover, and what exactly am I paying for?

  • 5 nights, 6 days at Hola Beach Resort;
  • all primary meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including snacks and soft drinks);
  • return sleeper bus transportation from/to Ho Chi Minh City, equipment, music, and workshops.
  • the fee of a Vietnamese event manager who has been supporting us since December ‘22;
  • part of the Ambassador & Initiative Leaders Retreat (<$9/per ticket), which will take place right after the Summit;
  • the Summit Steering Committee’s accommodation, food, and transportation costs (4 members). The team will not be paid for their work, even if the summit ends up being profitable.

*Fees (not included). For budgeting purposes, keep in mind that you will have to factor in transaction fees in addition to the base Summit ticket price. These vary from $50-100 per ticket.

Invest in summit grants and make a difference.

We wanted to share context on a small but important change you’ll see in upcoming Summit communications:

The Vietnam Summit Team is rebranding what are currently known as “scholarships” to “grants” and expanding their coverage to travel costs

Sandbox is not an academic organization and “grants” feels like a better representation of what we hope your contributions are: not charity, not gifts, but a conscious investment from the community into the community.

After all, Sandbox can mean many different things to each of us, but we venture that we can all agree people are the backbone of our community. We tend to show up, more than anything else, for the opportunity to connect with and enjoy a very special group of humans.

The Vietnam Summit is a mere eight months away and we would love to deliver a gathering that includes those brilliant Sandbox members that for any number of reasons may not have the economic means to attend at this time. To enjoy their company we need to invest in the diversity within our community.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting this rebrand, and if you have the means, we hope you’ll invest in the Sandbox Summit Fund for the upcoming Summit so we may all reap from an experience that’s more inclusive of our colorful family.

The base ticket price includes a $50 contribution to the Summit Grant Fund (you can opt out with code grant-opt-out). When buying your ticket, you will also have the option to invest further.

50/50 Summit Tickets: Pay Half Now, Half Later

We're excited to announce an experiment we believe aligns beautifully with our mission of making the Sandbox Summit as inclusive as possible. As of today’s ticket launch, Sandbox members can opt to pay for their Summit tickets in two installments. However, it's crucial for those interested in this option to read and understand the following terms. If you're able to pay for 100% of your ticket upfront, we encourage you to do so, as it significantly contributes to the summit's viability.

How the Payment Plan Works

If you choose to split your summit ticket payment:

  • You'll be required to pay a 50% deposit for any ticket tier.
  • The remaining 50% balance will be due three months after the ticket release, on August 20, 2023. Your payment method will be automatically charged, but we'll send you a friendly reminder before that happens.
  • Assume that your deposit and fees are non-refundable.
  • Your ticket is transferable to another member, provided you pay the full amount first and recoup any remaining balance directly from the new holder.
  • If all tickets in your tier sell out, you might be eligible for up to 90% of your deposit back, after accounting for grant contributions, any associated fees, and currency exchange costs.
  • Any applicable refunds will be issued after all Summit tickets sell out or post-Summit.

Questions You Might Have

Why are we doing this?

We're constantly seeking ways to make the Summit as accessible as we can for as many members as possible. This initiative is a part of that effort.

Why announce this now?

In all honesty, we hadn't considered this option until a member suggested it today. We felt the idea resonated well with our vision, so we're putting it into action, even if it's a bit last-minute. As it's a new experiment, we appreciate your patience and flexibility.

Will guests have this payment option?

Not at this stage. As we're trying something new, we'd like to first test it with our trusted community members.

Why can't grant contributions be refunded?

Because these grants will already have been allocated to the respective attendees by the time any applicable refunds are processed.

Can I choose this payment option after August 20, 2023?

At present, we're not offering this option. In order to deliver a quality Summit, we must have a viable pool of financial resources ahead of time, hence the provided timeline.

Any others?

Reach out to


Accommodation and Ticket Price Overview

Before the official sales, let’s give you an overview of the base ticket prices (incl. $50 donation) for all accommodation options, including approximate costs and the number of tickets available so you can start planning. Listed prices are per person, not accommodation unit.


BYOT (Bring Your Own Tent) with shared bathroom ($250) - Sandbox members only


Feeling adventurous and want to bring your own tent? Go ahead - we have 10 tickets! This is our most accessible option. Only for Sandbox members. Same shared bathrooms as the glamping and safari tents.

Seaview Glamping Tent for 3 people with shared bathroom ($390 Early Bird, $450 Regular per spot)


Glamping tents are ideal to share with 2 others; simple and close to nature, the beach (and parties 🙂). Originally, the tents had 4 mattresses, but we decided to remove one to make sure you’d be more comfortable and also provide additional luggage storage. Each tent comes with air fans. Shared bathrooms are modern yet with a touch of local fabrics. Bed linen included. Towels not included. For this type of accommodation, we have 45 spots in total.

Summit grant recipients will be staying in similar 4-bed garden tents (originally 6-bed tents downsized for comfort).


Seaview Glamping Tent for 2 people with shared bathroom ($730 Early Bird, $830 Regular per spot)


Similar to the bigger glamping tents we offer 13 spots of this more private option for those wanting to be fully immersed in nature and the sea. Come with air fans. Same shared bathrooms as the other glamping and safari tents. Bed linen included. Towels not included.


Safari Tent for 2 people (1 bed) with shared bathroom ($900 Early Bird, $1080 Regular per spot)


Quirky, funky, yet private, some with partial sea views and close to where it’s all happening. Each safari tent comes with one double bed for 2 people, bed linen, towels, and air conditioning. Same shared bathrooms as the glamping tents. We offer 26 spots.


Shared facilities

All of our tents (glamping and safari) share modern, well-equipped bathrooms infused with a touch of local authenticity.



Seaview Hut for 4 people with private bathroom ($590 Early Bird, $730 Regular per spot)


These modern huts are located in a quiet area of the venue with partial sea views; ideal for sharing with a few like-minded humans - just like our glamping tents. They come with a stunning bamboo en-suite bathroom with a rain shower and sky views, complimentary toiletries, towels, and modern amenities. We offer 60 tickets.


Deluxe Seaview Beach Hut for 2 people (1 bed) with private bathroom ($1,090 Early Bird, $1,350 Regular per spot)


Ideal for our comfort seekers who love a sea view - with an en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, complimentary toiletries, towels, modern amenities, and right by the beach (and the party). One double bed for 2 people. They also come with a stunning bamboo en-suite bathroom with a rain shower and sky views (same as the 4-bed huts). We offer 24 spots.


VIP Seaview Beach Hut for 2 people with private bathroom ($1,500 Regular per spot)


For those dreaming of the ultimate getaway glam, the VIP bungalow is just that - with a comfortable queen bed, a stunning bamboo en-suite bathroom with a rain shower, hot tub, and sky views (imagine those starry nights!), air conditioning, complimentary toiletries, and modern amenities, wake up to the relaxing sounds of the waves and step right out into your own paradise. We have 2 spots (1 hut) available for this option.